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Why You Should Invest in a Good Wedding Photographer

Hello, Evansville brides and grooms! If you're a normal wedding couple, the budget is probably your biggest bane right now! You're planning and balancing costs in order to go all out on the dress, the venue, the flowers, the favors, etc. But are you coming up short on the one item that matters most, the wedding photographer?

I'm not being biased! (Though I can completely understand why you would think that!) Hear me out.

Other than your unwavering love, what is going to last from your wedding day? Your wedding dress in a box no one is ever going to look at? No. Your wedding photography.

After all, your photos are going to be hanging on your walls for years to come. And thanks to social media, you can share any photo any time you want years later, and your friends and family will remember the day in awe.

If the photo is in focus. And composed correctly. And has good coloring. And doesn't have awkward or harsh shadows. And the bride and groom aren't blinking. And, and, and.

Let's take a look at a couple examples (from my own photos, of course, I'm not mean!) so we can see the importance of finding good wedding photography.

See what's happening in this first b&w picture? Yeah, neither do I, it's too dark. And why is it so close up? What's the focus?

This second photo is something to hang on the wall - it has bright coloring, you can breathe, and there's a focus.

Find a photographer who can hone in on the moment and make it art. Not just slap a b&w filter on it.

(Round of applause to our beautiful bride and groom, Eric and Heather.)


My yawn was so big, it was comparable to a black hole. The cake washes in with the rest of the surrounding white. You barely see the fun details on the cake your eyes just sort of haze over.

There we go. Vignetting let's us focus on the details, and the colors pop where they need to, hiding the unimportant background.

Find a photographer who knows what to capture in an image. Not just what they can snatch from your pocketbook.

So, you get it. You need a good photographer, not just one that's cheap. One that will capture the essence, more than a snap moment a guest could have gotten from their phone.

And I get it - budgets are important to stick to. That's why we work with our brides and grooms to invest in a photography package that works for them, and STILL get them wedding photos they're proud of. It's not about scraping for change with us, it's about making your big day a work of art.

Next post, I'll provide more examples of what to look for in portfolios, before you make the big leap on deciding a wedding photographer.

Happy planning and give us a call if you need help! (812) 893-2946

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